Nvidia Predicts 570X GPU Performance Increase

TG Daily is reporting that Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made an astonishing prediction, claiming that GPU computing will dramatically increase over the next six years, a mere 570 times that of today's capabilities in fact, while CPU performance will only increase a staggering 3x in the same timeframe.

According to Huang, who made his revelation at the Hot Chips symposium in Stanford University, the advancement would open the door to advanced forms of augmented reality and the development of real-time universal language translation devices. Wait? A universal translator? Sounds like Huang is talking Star Trek!

Huang also said that such advancements in GPU computation would also boost a number of applications such as interactive ray tracing, CGI simulations, energy exploration, and other "real-world" applications.

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  • Anonymous
    What a clown, a GPU in six years with 1.14 Petaflops of power? He's smoking some amazing crack. What a jackass.
  • Clintonio
    And yet FPS increases in games haven't gone anywhere near even moores law expected boosts in the past 3 years with Nvidia?

  • Anonymous
    err ... how?