Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses Go Wired, Cheaper

Tired of suddenly losing all depth while gaming with your Nvidia 3D Vision glasses on your face? Nvidia has the answer with a new product:  Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses.  Besides not needing to be recharged, the new glasses are cheaper at $99 (U.S. MSRP), and offer the same 3D quality and features of 3D Vision wireless glasses.

Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses include a 10-foot USB 2.0 cable for direct, easy connection to a 3D Vision PC or notebook.  This makes it ideal for LAN gaming events and iCafe gaming centers, as it does not require batteries and the cable can easily be secured to a PC with an optional computer lock to minimize theft.

“3D Vision provides gamers and enthusiasts with the world’s largest ecosystem of 3D products and features,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at Nvidia.  “3D fans have been waiting for more affordable glasses, and we’re expecting our new 3D Vision wired glasses to hit the sweet spot for them.”

Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses are expected to be available beginning in late-June 2011 from the Nvidia Store, as well as from leading retailers and e-tailers.

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  • Scanlia
  • Thunderfox
    The sweet spot for me will be when there is a universal standard for it so I don't have to worry about whose monitor or glasses I buy. Unless a monitor I want anyway happens to have 3D Vision support built in, I don't foresee myself ever investing in it.
  • dimar
    I might give it a try, when the time comes.