LG Says It Won't Be Making the Nexus 5

LG today announced that it would be launching yet another version of its Nexus 4 smartphone, this time in white. However, while LG seems keen to keep the Nexus 4 name alive, it appears the company will not be making the Nexus 5.


Speaking to All About Phones, Won Kim, VP of LG Mobile in Europe, said that while the Nexus 4 has been hugely successful, there is currently no Nexus 5 in production. Not only that, but Kim revealed that LG doesn't exactly need the Nexus 5, either.

"The Nexus 4 was a great success despite the production problems for us and Google. However we do not need such a marketing success again," a Google-translated version of the story reads.

The Nexus 4 was LG's first collaboration with Google. Google had previously partnered with Samsung and, for the first Nexus device, HTC. However, just because the Nexus is an LG device, that doesn't mean Google has left Samsung behind completely. Not too long ago, at Google I/O, the search company unveiled a version of the Galaxy S4 running stock Android. The newly-announced S4 normally sells with Samsung's Touch Wiz UI on top, but Google struck a deal with Samsung that would see an unlocked version running stock Android made available in the Google Play Store for $749. Rather interestingly, while speaking to All About Phones, Won Kim said LG wouldn't do the same because there's no value in it for LG.

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  • thundervore
    I thought that they were taking turns. First HTC then Samsung, now LG. The only one left is Motorola which Google owns.
    Im hope that HTC makes the next Nexus.
  • samwelaye
    As usual, Toms doesnt have the full story. It has already been clarified that they said "They are not CURRENTLY working on the Nexus 5". Funny how other websites reported this story earlier, and then gave the correction, but toms is both late AND incorrect.
  • thundervore
    Didn't Verizon get the Droid DNA (HTC Butterfly) which is on a whole another level by it self. The good thing about Verizon is that they do not let HTC plague their line up with phones like AT&T does. The HTC One series is a prime example of this, they have 4 versions on AT&T alone...