Watch the Nexus 4 Go Through a Drop Test

While many people are still waiting on their Nexus 4 to arrive, the early adopters that have received their shipments are already putting the phone through its paces. We've already seen a tear down from the lovely team over at iFixit, and now we've got a drop test to go along with it.

For the clumsy among us, how does Google's latest Nexus device handle being dropped? LG really went all out in designing this device. Both the front and back of the Nexus 4 are glass. Though this certainly makes for an attractive device, it also puts us on edge, just a little. As soon as the phone as announced, we had flashbacks to the weeks immediately following the launch of Apple's iPhone 4. Many people dropped their brand new glass-on-both-sides smartphone and shattered the exterior way too soon after getting their phone.

So, how will the Nexus 4 fare when dropped sans case? Surprisingly, it does pretty well. Better than expected, according to, which carried out the test. Check the video below to see for yourself!

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  • masterasia
    I think it did pretty well.
  • Labrynthian
    This is a TEST
  • Labrynthian
    Oh my comment got posted. YAY :D I'm so getting this phone.