Foxconn Launching NanoPC with AMD's C-70 Chip

Last week Foxconn revealed the AT-5570, an AMD-based, fanless NanoPC featuring the AMD C-70 "Ontario" dual-core, low-power SoC and Radeon HD 7290 graphics. So far pricing isn't available, but the device is expected to ship sometime later this month.

"Fitting a full-fledged computer inside a 190 x 135 x 38-mm case was not easy," the company said (rough translation). "Foxconn used the latest AMD C-70 processor with 9-watt TDP to reduce the number of heat-generating components and eliminate the use of fans in favor of passive cooling."

The upcoming NanoPC will sport four USB 2.0 ports, DVI output, HDMI output, Gigabit Ethernet, and a line-out jack on the back. Mounted on the front will be two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, and jacks for headphones and a microphone.

Inside the small form factor case (offered in black or silver), Foxconn will provide enough room for a 2.5-inch HDD or SSD, and a single SO-DIMM socket for up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory. Also included will be built-in 802.11n connectivity for allowing users to place the NanoPC anywhere in the house or office.

The Foxconn AT-5570 will be fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and the new Windows 8, the company said.

"The Foxconn AT-5570 is a cost-effective and efficient computer which does not make noise, does not get hot, and takes up little space," the company said. "With VESA mounting, it can be placed on the back of a monitor or TV. The device will be a good choice for a home media center."

So far Foxconn hasn't announced pricing, actual availability, or where this NanoPC can be purchased, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are the specs for the C-70 APU:

* CPU Clock Speed: 1.333 GHz/ 1.0 GHz
* CPU Cores on Die: 2 Cores
* TDP: 9W
* Total L2 Cache: 1 MB
* Radeon Cores on Die: 80
* GPU Clock Speed: 400 MHz/ 276 MHz
* DDR3 Speed: DDR3-1066 / DDR3L-1066


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  • xpeh
    To be honest, this thing actually sounds pretty awesome! If it's
  • joytech22
    This is on my to-buy list as long as it's below $300AUSD.
    Reason? Because I actually need something this small to mount to the back of our HDTV.

    My last HTPC build was a bit of a fail.. 5KG was just too heavy I think.
    Sure the HDTV was strong enough for it, but the monitor I was going to mount it to as a dedicated touch test platform it was just too heavy for.
  • f-14
    hey look it's the new playstation!