NZXT Launches RGB LED Controller

The new HUE LED Controller is a 5.25-inch bay device featuring a mesh design and three RGB control knobs that adjust color, brightness, and pulse speed. The controller also features an off-switch to disable the LEDS if they ever become too distracting. The effect modes include a normal illumination, fading illumination, flashing, and pulsating. NZXT boasts an "infinite" amount of color options ranging from blues to oranges and everywhere in between.

"Proper LED lighting can immensely affect the aesthetic appeal of your rig" said Johnny Hou, Founder and Product Manager at NZXT. "Now enthusiasts have complete control right at their fingertips with the ability to adjust color fade and add pulsating effects with instant gratification."

The HUE RGD LED Controller is available now for $32.99, for more details and images visit the product page.

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