Australian MySpace teen announces party on MySpace, guests wreak havoc

There’s always one, and then for some reason, there’s another. Typical.

Several months ago, a british teenager posted a bulletin on MySpace saying that she was having a party. Any guesses on what happened next ? Right, bad things. These include cigarette burns on all the furniture, buckets of vomit and a wee-soaked wedding dress.

Last week Australian teenager, Corey Delaney, 16, advertised his party on his MySpace. Corey announced the party on his page and expected “about 200” guests. Naturally this figure was a bit optimistic. Police estimated that a total of 500 people attended the soirée.

The party guests spilled out onto the street because, of course, they didn’t all fit in the front room. Neighbours claimed they “feared for their safety” because the teenagers were getting a smidge destructive. The police were called and, upon their arrival, were treated to barrage of beer bottles. Understandably they retreated and waited for back up, which included police dogs and helicoptors.

In other cases where kids have had a wee bit of a bash while their parents were away, they were filled with regret or remorse. Failing this, they’ve tried to shift the blame onto someone else (a hacked account or similar). So it’s was nice to see that Corey remained upbeat about the whole situation. Comments on his page include “MySpace party boy will not apologise for having an awesome party”.

He claims he doesn’t really remember how the party started. Funny that. We’d have thought the MySpace bulletin would have kicked things off quite nicely. . .

Needless to say this attitude isn’t exactly helping him when it comes to the powers that be. Australian police say that Corey faces a £9,000 fine for damages. Ouch.

Delaney’s parents have cut their holiday short and are expected to return to what’s left of their home today. Their son is currently staying with a friend. Don’t blame you, mate.

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