MySpace Drops Out of UK's List of Top 10 Social Networks

There was a time when it seemed like the world and its mother seemed to be on MySpace. However, the social network has been falling out of favour over the last few years, with many people moving to other services, like Facebook, instead. This week, MySpace was dealt a particularly stinging blow. For the first time ever, the company has dropped off of the UK's top 10 list of social networks in the UK.

According to Experian Hitwise, MySpace has slipped to number 11 on the list of the UK's top social networks. The digital analysis company says that MySpace's number 10 spot was stolen by Stumble Upon, which experienced a sizable increase in traffic in November.

"MySpace traffic has been on the decline for at least three years now but this is the first time the social network has fallen out of the Experian Hitwise top 10," said James Murray. "In its place, Stumble Upon has risen in the rankings and is now the UK’s tenth most popular social network. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, brands need to be aware of the fast moving trends and which social sites people are visiting. Around 800 million hours are spent on social networks each month by UK Internet users, but understanding which networks people spend their time browsing is crucial to capturing niche audience traffic."

The other websites in the top 10 maintained their positions from last month, with YouTube once again taking the title of fastest moving website of November, increasing its market share of visits to the category by 0.67 per cent.

Check the full top ten below. As you can see, it includes the usual suspects, like Facebook and Twitter, but also sites that not everyone would consider social networks. Have a look for yourself: