Motorola Refused Ban For Windows, Xbox 360

A U.S. judge has ruled that Google-owned Motorola will not be granted an injunction against Microsoft products that it claims violate its H.264 patents.

The ruling ensures that Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Windows, among other products belonging to the software giant, won't be banned from sale in the United States. The ruling also prevents Motorola from banning Microsoft products in Germany.

Motorola has argued that Microsoft utilized the patents in question illegally. The firm requested the judge apply a sales injunction against the latter's products until it licenses the patents in question. Microsoft, meanwhile, has stressed that it would be willing to pay a royalty, but not on Motorola's demands. Motorola had requested that Redmond pay $4 billion for the use of its technology via a 2.25 percent royalty rate based on product pricing.

The judge is expected to announce a final decision on the case in the spring. When he does, he could set the terms of licensing and what a reasonable royalty rate may be.

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  • sulanis
    oh look, another patent war!
  • esrever
    Pointless Lawsuits Everywhere...
  • and of course, a US court getting paid to pass more crappy rulings.

    color me not shocked.