Nvidia CEO: Z6 Moorestown Won't Be Competitive

Monday Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said in an interview that he's not buying into the whole "tablets are killing netbooks" buzz. Instead, he envisions a future where both platforms will merge into one device he calls the Leisure Computer. However, until that happens, Nvidia will remain busy supporting both platforms: the Ion 2 that will accelerate netbooks without munching loads of battery reserve, and the Tegra 2 for Android-based tablets and smartphones.

The overall interview covered various topics, from the evolution of the netbook to his take on dual-core netbooks. However, an interview isn't complete without taking a jab at rival chipmaker Intel. When asked on his opinion about the Z6 Moorestown chip, Huang said that it wouldn't be competitive when compared to the Tegra 2. In fact, he said it was impossible.

"You could give an elephant a diet but it’s still an elephant," he said. "And when they think about power they think reducing from 20 watts down to 5 watts down to 4 watts down to 2 watts is really good. But you and I both know that in a mobile phone you need to be in a hundred milliwatts, two hundred milliwatts. So they’re still ten times away. So that’s a big challenge for them."

He goes on to promote the Tegra 2, boasting that it's already superior to Atom from a performance perspective. "And so now we’re already dual-core, and then next year I assume Tegra 3 comes out, and then, you know, here we are increasing performance at a lightning rate and power is incredibly low, so I think it’s going to be tough for them," he said.

To read the entire interview, head here.

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  • mi1ez
    Shut up Jen-Hsun...
  • Fox Montage
    mi1ezShut up Jen-Hsun...

    But if he stops saying these things, how are we supposed to know Nvidia is actually better than Intel at making CPUs?
  • kyzarvs
    mi1ezShut up Jen-Hsun...

    Shut up Mi1ez? - At least he's justifying his opinion. Maybe make a point or two and other people could decide if they agree with you!