ATTN Adventure Gamers: Monkey Island is Back!

While adventure games are nowhere near as popular as they once were in the classic days of PC gaming, Telltale games have been keeping the tradition going alongside a new concept in games – episodic releases.

Combine old with new and this summer and we’ll be getting Monkey Island. Telltale games will be making five monthly episodes of Tales of Monkey Island for the PC and WiiWare, with the first one launching on July 7.

Check out the trailer below:

LucasArts isn’t just dumping Monkey Island on Telltale, but rather it is working on a game for fans of the series. Also hitting this summer will be Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, which faithfully recreates every scene from the original release from 1990, but gives it an optional layer of fresh paint. Players can switch back and forth from the new painted art and the original pixilated renditions.

Check out the making of video below:

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously though, that special edition thing is defenitely worth buying. I'm actually a little excited