Microsoft's EU Hearing Scheduled for June

The European Union issued a preliminary Statement of Objections in January, claiming the company’s practices "undermine product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice." MS responded late in April but the details of the company’s response are not yet known.

European Commission spokesperson, Jonathan Todd told Reuters that the closed hearing will commence on June 3 and run through to June 5. "It will be an opportunity for Microsoft to state orally the arguments they outlined in their response to the statement of objections," he said.

The Commission claims that bundling IE with Windows, the most popular operating system, is anticompetitive. The charges have been criticized on some levels, given that Apple is guilty of the same actions but is not under EU scrutiny.

A couple of you suggested some pretty decent ways to resolve the situation. Among them was offering a basic version of IE that had access to Microsoft updates, the Microsoft site and a shared site paid for by all players in the browser industry, containing brief descriptions and respective download links. Another reader suggested that Microsoft install Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, (all told less than 100MB of data) and run the user through a selection wizard when they first connect to the web.

Have you got a better suggestions as to how this situation could be resolved? Leave your thoughts below.

Cheers to jeraldjunkmail and tpi2007 for the solutions offered above.

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