VIDEO: Microsoft's Muscle Controlled Interface

We're all eager to hear more about Microsoft's motion sensing project Natal but while we're focusing on presentations from June of last year, Microsoft seems to be focusing on something else.

We're expecting to hear more on Natal this week at CES, however, Ballmer will likely be faced with questions about new systems based on muscle control. According to Boy Genius Report, the company has filed for a patent covering several methods of computing that utilize electromyography (EMG). EMG would translate the electrical activity produced by muscles into instructions to control your computer. EMG is already used in advanced prosthetic and in the millitary but Microsoft is trying to bring the technology home to users.

BGR reports that the patent Microsoft has asked for takes this technology and applies it to consumer level devices using electrodes attached to the arms, head, chest and legs. Microsoft even hints at a wearable electromyography controller that could be worn during play.

Check out the video below to see EMG gaming in action.

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  • sgtmattbaker
    Pretty interesting stuff. Some of the examples they gave didn't sound amazing but it is in the prototype stage I suppose.