Pick Your Browser: Microsoft Shows Off Ballot

For the last year or so, Microsoft has been fighting claims from Europe that bundling Internet Explorer with Windows is anti-competitive. The EU argued that, because Windows has the most common operating system, it was unfair that Microsoft force all those users to use IE without first informing them of their options.

MS and the EU recently came to an agreement that said the software giant had to offer users a choice via a ballot screen with the top five browsers listed along with a brief description. Unfortunately, Opera and Firefox still found reason to complain. The two said that with Internet Explorer appearing first on the list, Microsoft still had an advantage.

Today, Microsoft is showing off the final revision of its browser ballot screen. Each European user will be presented with this screen when they try to connect to the Web for the first time:

Do you think it's fair that Microsoft should have to give Windows users a choice when it comes to browsers but Apple does not? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • tomvertommen

    since I am under the impression those alternatives are much better...I would say: "Lett's vote !".
  • lucky015
    Its good that Microsoft now have to give a choice, As I'd expect that I.E being the default contributed to 80%+ of its users.

    I don't particularly see apple objecting to using a similar method on their own Operating Systems.

    To "Rab1d-BDGR"

    While I don't see apple objecting to it I don't really think they should be forced to if they don't want to. Microsoft sell an Operating System, Apple sell a Package.

    Apple do give people a choice of software, Anyone willing to make it can, All you have to do is download or purchase it.

    OS also comes back to them selling a PACKAGE not just an OS.

    And the hardware is what makes it a Mac and goes deeply into their OS compatibility.

    A Mac with Non-Mac software running on another OS with Non-Mac hardware is simply not a Mac. Stop whining about Mac's, No one is making you buy one and they are certainly not going to to take away everything that makes them what they are just for you.
  • qwoz
    I think its absolute bullcrap that they have the give the option. If Firefox wants to compete maybe they should make an operating system.