Xbox 360 Flash Drives: $40 for 8GB, $70 for 16GB

Microsoft's Major Nelson did say you can use any 1GB+ flash drive you like, but he also said Microsoft would partnering with SanDisk to bring out official, pre-configured Xbox-branded flash drives that would be available in May.

Well GameStop has one of these extra special, Xbox 360-brand flash drives listed on its website and it should come as no surprise that they're a little overpriced. Though they do come with a month free Xbox Live Gold membership, it's still hard to see many people paying $40 for an 8GB flash drive. If you want to use the maximum allowed space per drive, you'll have to pay $70 for the 16GB option.

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  • mi1ez
  • Micropat
    If regular flash drives work I don't think any one not on the brain transplant waiting list would buy one of those x-box branded ones
  • daglesj
    These will be a big three cup bras.