Tech Brings X360 Games to iPhone, Android OS

PC World reports that on Monday Novell demonstrated a new technology that translates Xbox 360 games to portable devices such as the iPhone and the Android mobile platform. While this function will be present in Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 Phone, the Redmond company had nothing (directly) to do with the current Apple App up for display.

Monday's demonstration centered around Novell's MonoTouch technology which now supports XNA. The actual demo featured an open-source version of the Indiana Jones game Microsoft used to show how Windows 7 Phone can play games compatible with Windows-based PCs and the Xbox 360 console. The Indiana Jones title was built using Microsoft's XNA framework which in turn is based upon the .NET Framework.

But despite the competition this "porting" may bring, PC World reports that Microsoft actually supports Novell's MonoTouch project. "I can vouch that it has a strong relationship with the Mono team, and it views Mono as an insurance policy to protect customers' .NET and Silverlight investments," said PC World's David Worthington. "Does Novell benefit from that arrangement? Sure. It's like Microsoft's pilot fish; it gets the business that Microsoft doesn't want."

There's supposedly a Google Android app in the works that may hit the Market before Microsoft ships the Windows 7 Phone. It too will play games compatible with the Microsoft platforms.

Unfortunately, none of this indicates that gamers will be able to play Halo on their mobile device. However the implication of multiple platforms playing the same title--whether it's the Xbox 360, the Motorola Droid, or Apple's iPhone--is rather cool, especially when multiplayer components come into play.

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