A Handy List of Microsoft Windows 8 Shortcuts

"A common thread we’ve seen in the feedback so far about Windows 8, on this blog or elsewhere, positive or negative, is that people using Windows 8 for the first time might need a little help getting their bearings," writes Microsoft's Kent Walter, adding that not everyone will be comfortable enough to learn as they go or to just start messing with it. 

"To help you out and keep you flying around Windows as fast as your fingers can carry you, I’ve put together this handy chart, and I made it big enough that you can print it out and hang it up somewhere if you want to."

Some of the shortcuts you'll recognize from previous iterations of Windows, others are completely new and relate to Windows 8 exclusively (such as snapping a Metro app to the right or left). Walter also posted a ton of advice for those looking for more information on navigating around Windows 8 in genera. For everything from settings to finding and pinning things, head on over to MSNDN.

Check the full list of keyboard shortcuts below (click through twice to enlarge). 

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  • hairystuff
    Couldn't Toms just post the text or a table instead of a humongaloid jpeg.