Latest MS Patches Cause Black Screen of Death

It's funny how things work out. Microsoft's little yellow shield appeared a few days ago, indicating that it's time to download and install the latest updates. Thanks to the turkey-basted holidays, it was put off until today. Now Computerworld is reporting that the latest patches are actually causing many users the Black Screen of Death, making this writer a little more thankful for tasty turkey and hard-headed procrastination.

With that wordy opening out of the way (had to make up for the two days off), the problem affects the latest Microsoft operating systems: Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Security firm Prevx actually reported the problem here in this blog, saying that Microsoft has made changes to the Access Control List that have caused installed applications to cough up the Black Screen of Death.

Mel Morris , the CEO and CTO of Prevx, said that security applications suffer more damage than other programs. Many users have tried to uninstall and re-install various security programs to no avail. "If you've got this problem, it's massively debilitating," Morris said.

Naturally, Prevx already released a free, downloadable update to fix the issue with its security offerings. But until Microsoft fixes the issue, other security software vendors will have to do the same. Advanced Windows users can also fix the problem my altering the registry settings, but as always, that's risky business. Morris said that Prevx has submitted the problem and solution directly to Microsoft.

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  • mi1ez
    Little yellow shield? You guys still on XP?
  • mi1ez
    And how are you describing XP as one of "the latest Microsoft operating systems"?
  • Anonymous
    Phue, I have Linux