MSFT Investigating Windows 7 Battery Problems

Users on Microsoft forums have been complaining that after installing Windows 7, their battery life has decreased significantly and in some cases is suggesting they actually replace their battery.

Threads relating to the issue have been active since before Windows 7 went to general release. Folks running the Windows 7 RC began posting in June 2009 and the threads are still active today.

ComputerWorld cites a Microsoft spokesperson who yesterday said the company was investigating the issue. "We are investigating this issue in conjunction with our hardware partners, which appears to be related to system firmware (BIOS)," the spokesperson said, referring to the firmware that boots the PC and initializes the hardware components. "The warning received in Windows 7 uses firmware information to determine if battery replacement is needed."

Worryingly, there seems to be a sizable number of forum posters who believe Windows 7 has permanently damaged their battery. They claim to have tried reverting to XP or Vista or charging their battery in another OS or when their machine is off but report no improvement.

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  • mcnaugha
    The problem with this is that a lot of people are naive about modern lithium battery technology. Windows 7 may be a red herring here. Batteries are consumable like printer toner ink. The average battery only has about 300 discharges in it. So let it discharge at least once a day and you've expended it in less than a year. Let it discharge twice a day and you've wasted it in 6 months. Always use your power adapter when you're near a power outlet. It's that simple. Only let the battery discharge fully once a month. It's not like 90s NiCad batteries which reportedly worked better if they were discharged frequently.