Microsoft Turns the Surface Tablet Into a Skateboard

There's been a lot of Microsoft Surface talk this week. Between the upcoming release, pricing, pre-orders, and a brand new TV ad, it's clearly all go in Redmond. However, just because you're on the verge of launching a brand new operating system, a new version of your mobile OS, and two new tablets, doesn't mean you can't let loose and have a little fun, eh?

It seems Stephen Sinofsky has himself a new toy. Actually, his new toy has been fashioned out of Microsoft's new toy. The president of Microsoft's Windows division yesterday tweeted the following picture along with the caption: "Couldn't resist taking it out for a spin..." In case you can't make it out, Sinofsky is riding what appears to be a Surface skateboard.


Sinofsky posted one other image, a closer view of the skateboard, soon after, but has yet to provide any information on how it came to be. Perhaps Microsoft was trying to test the strength of the tablet. Perhaps they'll all gone a bit bonkers under the pressure. Whatever the reason, we're hoping there's video out there somewhere.


Microsoft's Surface will launch on October 26, along with Windows 8.

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  • mcd023
    I doubt any other manufacturer will do that to one of their tablets. Hey, let's stand on it!
    I started freaking out when I saw the Surface ad were everyone was throwing them around and catching them with the magnetic keyboards. I was like, "Ah! You're insane!" But, it seems that I was just a scaredy cat.
  • spookie
    At least we know that it is truly a multi purpose Tablet
  • belardo
    The tosses tablets were CG.