VIDEO: Sony's Version of Microsoft's Surface Table

Pocketlint carries an exclusive report in which it claims to have been told by Sony that Atracsys, the Swiss optical tracking company behind the 60-inch atracTable, has sold its technology to Sony. Sony says it plans to industrialize a 35-inch HD version of the atracTable in order to compete with the Microsoft Surface.

Built in conjunction with Sony ISS and Atracsys, the table uses two Sony cameras to create a 3D image; these cameras track body movements, acting on changes in the position of your body, arm, hand or finger. Pocketlint lint cites Sony as saying it's sensitive enough to determine the age, sex and emotions of the user.

Check out the video of the atracTable being shown at Vision 2009 last year.


*Image via Pocketlint

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  • SevenVirtues
    How much? When can I get one? Will it work with my PC?
  • dan-fish
    no stupid comments about crysis 2?
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    Dan-fishno stupid comments about crysis 2?

    Can it play Crysis?