Report: Microsoft Killing Off Microsoft Points by Year's End

Microsoft Points are apparently on the way out. According to an exclusive report over on Into Mobile Apps, Redmond is going to ditch Microsoft Points program this year. Into Mobile Apps cites an unnamed source in reporting the information and claims that by the end of the year all transactions on the Xbox will be switched to regular currencies. Players will spend money based on the currency in their country of residence and those with Microsoft Points left at the time of the switch will be given money for their points.

Of course, ditching the Microsoft Points system will make it easier for folks to shop, especially since it could also mean the end of the $5 spending limit. Previously, users had to buy Microsoft Points in $5 chunks of 400. However, with the new system, Microsoft would (we assume) get rid of this limit, meaning you no longer have to fork out $5 just to get the extra 200 points you need to purchase something. However, Redmond could just as easily keep the limit in place, insisting that users pre-load their accounts with money and insisting on a $5 minimum.

Into Mobile Apps reports that while Microsoft has refused to comment on the news, mobile devs that have publishing agreements with Microsoft have apparently been warned to plan upcoming DLCs and in-app purchases in accordance with the change.

Do you like Microsoft Points or will you be happy to see them go? Voice your opinions in the comments below.

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  • MKeeper
    I'm happy to see them go.

    Makes it easier to make an informed decision over where you buy your content.

    They already do this in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, and I would expect the same experience for Windows 8 later this year.

    This is no doubt an effort to bring those 3 marketplaces (XBox / Phone / Desktop) into alignment for a consistent experience (and shared account balance!)