Microsoft Donates Double for Upgrades From IE6

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced the Browser for the Better program in association with Feeding America. The deal was that everytime someone downloaded Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft would donate the financial equivalent of eight meals to Feeding America’s network of 206 local food banks.

However, in the hopes of having more people upgrade from IE6, Microsoft says it will donate double for upgrades from IE6 to IE8. Microsoft representative Kate Blackmore also told us that the company would be continuing the campaign throughout September, which is Hunger Action Month.

Microsoft stipulates in its press release that it will donate $1.15 for each download, which in actuality doesn't seem like a lot, but given the current financial climate and the stress its putting on a lot of families in America, we're of the opinion that 'every little helps.'

Click through to and download IE8 from there. Just as a side note, it doesn't say anywhere that you have to keep/use IE8 once the download is complete so you can still be charitable even if you're not too keen on using IE8 as your browser of choice.

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  • LePhuronn
    It's a great idea but flawed in 2 major areas:

    1: home users get IE upgrades foisted upon them anyway, so there's no upgrade issue

    2: corporations wont upgrade because of the costs (perceived or real) of doing so and the compatibility of their intranet software.

    If Microsoft are serious about finally moving past IE6 then they need to offer a financial incentive to corporations so they can alleviate some of the costs involved.

    But I applaud any attempt to rid the world of that horrid browser - it makes my professional life absolute hell
  • ainarssems
    So what if I download it 2,3,4....1000 times. What are they checking only download, download & IP, installs, what about multiple installs, uninstalls, installs again. Food banks might hire people to do this all day long just to get money. How do they know if I upgrade from IE6 or IE7, or IE1, isn't there some privacy issues. Is there anybody checking the count of downloads so they don't cheat?

    Looks like cheap publicity to me, cheaper then making and broadcasting commercial
  • ainarssems
    Just another thought : what about those people downloading from other countries not USA, they might want that donation to go locally not to USA.