Microsoft Responds to EU Antitrust Case

The hoopla was originally kicked off when companies behind competing browsers accused Microsoft of using the fact that the majority of computers ship with Windows to create a nice little browser monopoly for itself. The European Union issued a preliminary Statement of Objections in January, claiming the company’s practices "undermine product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice."

While Microsoft has said that the next version of its operating system will give users the ability to switch off Internet Explorer 8, it hasn’t stopped companies such as Google and Apple chiming in to complain about Microsoft's dominance in the browser market.

Reuters today reports that the Redmond company has responded to the EU’s antitrust charges and a Commission spokesman has said the response will be studied carefully.

Do you think Microsoft is guilty in this instance? Many of us can claim to have introduced one of our less tech-savvy friends to the joys of Firefox, a browser they had no idea existed because IE had come bundled with their PC. However, without Internet Explorer, we’d have had no way to download an alternative making it a catch 22 situation.

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  • kirkncc1701
    Ha, if there browsers are as good as they say, why do they need to do this? further bolsters my choice of sticking with IE8.

    Thanks guys, ill be sure to stick with ie in the future since you see it as such a threat.
  • mi1ez
    ^ What? bleh!
  • Clintonio
    Picking a browser because competitors don't like an unfair playing field is one of the most laughable displays of ignorance I've seen today.


    The big solution that the EU prefers is that M$ bundle their OSs with competing browsers too, or provide multiple choice for consumers.

    Bundling all into one would probably be the best choice.