Microsoft CEO: Apple a 'Low-Volume Player' Except in Tablets

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer believes Apple, the world's most valuable company, is a "low-volume player" in every market it competes in except for tablets.

"We like our model, as we are evolving it," said Ballmer during post-Windows 8 launch interview with the Wall Street Journal. "In every category Apple competes, it's the low-volume player, except in tablets. We'll see what winds up mattering in tablets."

"In the PC market, obviously the advantage of diversity has mattered since 90-something percent of PCs that get sold are Windows PCs," Ballmer added.

According to to technology research firm Gartner, Apple's market share PC market share stands at just 13.6 percent during the third quarter.

Ballmer's comments, however, tries to depict Microsoft as the market leader in every category bar tablets, but that's evidently not the case. Google is the current smartphone market leader through Android, while Apple continues to sell hundreds of millions of iPhones, with projections for 2013 said to see Apple sell over 190 million units of its handset.

He was correct about the exclusion of tablets, though; Apple can't be classified as low-volume player in the tablet market as the device has sold more than 100 million iPads since its inception in 2010, while it's expected that the firm sells over 100 million iPad units in 2013 alone.


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  • azz156
    yawn, everyone and there dog knows microsoft pwns apple in almost every market since the early 90's
  • kartu
    Well Apple's smartphone market share is 15%-ish, which is close to their PC market share.
    (it used to be well over 50% though)

    In tablet we are moving in the same direction, but apple still has 50%+

    Now, calling sales of 100+ million of anything "low volume" is still hard to justify.
  • halcyon
    Yes, Apple isn't selling much of anything besides tablets /sarcasm