UK Police Adopt New System to Extract Data from Phones

The Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom has started the roll out of a new system that's capable of extracting data from mobile phones extremely quickly. The technology comes from Radio Tactics and is called ACESO. The data extraction solution will be used across 16 boroughs in the capital. ACESO allows police to quickly extra data from the mobile phones (even SIM locked phones) of suspects while they're in custody.

The Metropolitan Police will be using the ACESO Kiosk, which is a touchscreen desktop set-up.  Deputy Assistant Commission of the Metropolitan Police Service, Stephen Kavanagh, explained that it will be used when a suspect is arrested and found with a phone that police suspect may have been used in crime. Kavanagh said traditional methods of data extraction involve sending the phone to the lab for analysis while the new system will give officers immediate access to the phone's data while the suspect is still in custody.

"Mobile phones and other devices are increasingly being used in all levels of criminal activity," Stephen Kavanagh, Deputy Assistant Commission of the Metropolitan Police Service," said in a statement. "Our ability to act on forensically-sound, time-critical information, from SMS to images contained on a device quickly gives us an advantage in combating crime, notably in terms of identifying people of interest quickly and progressing cases more efficiently," he later added.

As many as 300 Met personnel will be trained on the system.

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  • dizzy_davidh
    It also allows them the ability to keep the information and use it for whatever purpose they (the Police) see fit EVEN if you are released without charge, ie. just being held in custody is sufficient reason for them to take a copy of all your data.

    With the UK government's history of data loss of personal data and the current investigations into leaks of information from the Police you can as good as assume your data, if taken, will be used against you... either by the Police themselves or the criminals who's hands the data ends up in.

    I can't wait for the first prosecution to come from this where the charges don't relate to the original reasons for custody. All the civil liberties groups will be crying 'entrapment' and rightly so as the prosecuted (or should that be persecuted), be they criminal or other, are having their data seized and potentially used against them with potentially no prior cause for investigation.

    The Police have gained the ability to essentially trump up a charge to arrest someone just to get access to their cell phone data.