Metal Gear Solid Movie Announced at 25th Anniversary Party

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima and Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad took to the stage at the Metal Gear 25th anniversary party to announce that Marvel and Columbia Studios had a Metal Gear movie in the works.

This isn't the first time that a Metal Gear movie's been announced. Back in 2006, Hideo Kojima revealed that there was a Metal Gear Solid movie in the works. The adaptation never saw the light of day and the project was canned in 2010.

Hopefully, this time, the new Metal Gear movie will avoid development hell and manage to stay faithful to the original source material. The good news is, Arad was careful to mention that Marvel would stay true to Kojima's story: "We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, and cautionary tales needed."

We'll only know whether or not Arad was telling the truth when the movie releases. Kojima, after all, did just give the rights to his baby to Hollywood.


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  • master_chen
    Oh god, please, not Uwe Boll, definitely NOT Christophe Gans, not Paul Anderson (FU*NK you, Paul! F*UNK YOU!), and not Michael Bay...
    James Cameron would be fine...I guess?

  • You like to save often.
  • jossrik
    I think it's too close to James Bond or maybe heaven forbid Austin Powers to gain any real traction. The story was good years ago, but I'm not sure how well it would resonate with todays movie going crowd, and if all they can count on in reminiscent gamers, well we all know they're the hardest fans to please. Do modern movie goers care about nuclear weapons any more? You always hear about them, but you seldom see them used, even tested.

    Then again, Marvel has a good track record lately with producing watchable movies. I'd still probably wait on the BD to come out.