VIDEO: Meet Intel and Nokia's Love Child OS

Intel and Nokia announced MeeGo at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few months ago. We know the mobile operating system is a mash up of Nokia's Maemo OS and Intel's Moblin OS but at the time, the two companies provided very little in the way of information about MeeGo.

This week, Italian site, HD Blog, carries a report that states the first MeeGo tablet should arrive in 2011. The site also boasts a video of a MeeGo in action. Still in the pre-Alpha stages, the clip gives a pretty good idea of what we can expect from Intel and Nokia next year. Multitasking is shown briefly (with music and photos happening at the same time) but it's not clear if this will be available across all applications or just a specific few.

There's also scrolling columns for social network updates and a My Slate panel, which displays information about running apps, recently opened applications and more. There's the option for a 'simple UI' mode, which gets rid of all the rich, scrolling panels and replaces them with simple icons for launching and managing applications. This mode also includes a dockable taskbar. Then you've got HD video, photo manipulation, books, music, and access to Intel's AppUp store.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

(Via Slashgear)

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  • proletarian
    it's good to see big players using linux.

    hopefully i'll be able to retrofit my n900 with this shit, i know it would support it...