Image Preview: Medal of Honor: Airborne

With Call of Duty moving away from the World War II setting, fans of FPS games set in the oh-so-popular period are left with little to look forward to other than Medal of Honor : Airborne.

The most immediately noticeable difference between Airborne and previous Medal of Honor games is that players no longer deploy on the ground, but are instead paratroopers, dropped in a specified area over each mission. Players can then guide their jump into advantageous (or disadvantageous) positions depending on where they’re dropped.

Enemy AI has been reworked and moved away from the usual scripted responses ; opponents must now respond to a player approaching from any direction, rather than the usual straight-forward structure of previous iterations.

Overall, Airborne looks about as close to a sandbox WWII game as you’ll get. Whether or not it can revitalise the now tired WWII theme has yet to be seen though.

Click the image below to view the Medal of Honor : Airborne Image Preview.

medal honor airborne

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