Manhunt 2 to see UK and Irish release. . .finally

It’s been nine long months and they’ve finally managed to give birth to a decision. Manhunt 2 is go.

Back in October the British Board of Film Classification rejected Rockstar’s attempts to tone down Manhunt 2’s violence, making the horror title the first game in ten years to be denied classification by the board. . . And twice, to boot.

The console version of the game received an Adults Only rating from the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) in the States.

The BBFC first issued a ban on the game at the beginning of June 2007 saying that it was "casually sadistic" and "constantly encouraged visceral killing."

While the board recognized the changes that were made to the game, the BBFC felt Take-Two Interactive, owners of Rockstar, didn’t make adequate changes to the game’s gore.

The BBFC says they suggested changes to the developer, which the developer chose not to make, and thus had no choice but to reject the game on both platforms.

Rockstar then took the two rejections to the Video Appeals Committee. The VAC ruled that the game was well within the bounds of the 18+ rating set by other games of its genre.

The BBFC weren’t happy with that ruling and asked them to review their decision.

It looks like the VAC are sticking to their guns because an edited version of Manhunt 2 will hit UK and Irish shelves with an 18 cert.

Naturally the BBFC aren’t exactly 100 percent behind the decision. If we’d rejected something twice we wouldn’t exactly be keen on seeing it on the shelves either. . .

David Cooke, director of the BBFC is quoted as saying,

"As I have said previously, we never take rejection decisions lightly, and they always involve a complex balance of considerations.

"We twice rejected Manhunt 2, and then pursued a judicial review challenge, because we considered, after exceptionally thorough examination, that it posed a real potential harm risk.

"However, the Video Appeals Committee has again exercised its independent scrutiny. It is now clear, in the light of this decision, and our legal advice, that we have no alternative but to issue an 18 certificate to the game."

Oh err. So there you have it, after nine months waiting for it, now it’s yours for the taking. One more thing. . .

Does anyone really care anymore ?

Answers on the back of a postcard please.

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  • chilli
    I'm probably just going to buy this game just to see what the whole fuss was about....
  • mi1ez
    I know. I wasn't particularly fussed to begin with, but now, I can't wait! I feel ridiculous!