Is There an 11.6-inch MacBook on the Horizon?

Apple's ultra portable 13-inch MacBook Air may soon be a thing of the past if the latest rumors are to be believed. Several retailers are showing that MacBook Airs are in short supply or sold out and given that these shortages are happening in October – a month known for Mac and MacBook refreshes – it's sparked rumors that Apple is preparing to launch a new version of the super-skinny laptop.

Leading the gossip are reports of a 11.6-inch display to replace the 13-inch screen the current model sports. CultofMac says that the new model will be a unibody affair, will be powered by an Intel Core i-series ultra-low voltage processor, and could weigh as little as 2.7 pounds.

The price of a current MacBook Air ranges from $1499 for the 1.86GHz version and $1799 for the 2.13GHz model. No word on what we can expect when it comes to the price of an 11.6-inch model.

Source: CultofMac, Engadget

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  • hairystuff
    The air is not as small and thin as its made out to be, I have a old dell x300 which is about the same profile as the air, it has a firewire port, mic connector, 1GB/s ethernet port, 2x usb ports, user replaceable battery and is around 7 years old and still runs.
  • silverblue
    Wouldn't this be technically a netbook, you know, the machines that Apple said were doomed and that they wanted to kill off with the iPad?
  • Silmarunya
    silverblueWouldn't this be technically a netbook, you know, the machines that Apple said were doomed and that they wanted to kill off with the iPad?

    When Steve Jobs decides the iPeople want an Apple branded netbook, they want an Apple branded netbook. Any prior comments by Jobs on the matter are irrelevant from that point on.

    And now a serious (but no more true) comment: Apple is a company, every company should try to enter markets that are lucrative and are within that company's reach.

    There's a huge demand for a small, reliable computing device that is used for things that require a keyboard. The iPad can't deal with text well enough to fill that market an a MacBook might be a little too heavy and big for use while commuting for example.

    Besides, netbooks aren't doomed when they are made by Apple. A typical netbook is cheap, ugly and functional. If it's made by Apple, it will be expensive (thus dealing with low profit margins), stylish (thus attracting people who don't really need a netbook but want to look professional) and capable of doing 'fun' things (thus catering even more to people who don't need a netbook).

    In short, an Apple netbook would fish in another pond than the traditional, low profit netbook.