15 New Phones: Mobile World Congress 2010

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft's announcement isn't so much about a physical phone as it is about a new mobile operating system - Windows Phone 7 Series. Windows Mobile 6 has been around for a long time - too long, in fact, as its age has been showing for a while in our opinion. 7 Series is a completely new operating system designed to focus on three features: multitouch, social networking, and the Microsoft ecosystem (Zune Marketplace, Office, Bing). The UI is based on a series of tiles that can be arraigned however the user wants, and the tiles can represent anything available on the phone, from Outlook to the Zune Marketplace to Twitter. In short, Series 7 is highly customizable, and the emphasis on multitouch should make for a more fluid experience.

The hardware requirements are fairly straightforward; the starting point for processors will be the ever-so-popular 1 GHz Snapdragon from Qualcomm, and the physical interface, touchscreen aside, will consist of five buttons: Start, Back, Search, Camera and Power. Other hardware requirements include a high-res WVGA display, accelerometer, WiFi, GPS, an FM tuner, a minimum GPU requirement (unknown), and a high-res camera. The phone and mock-up images being paraded around at MWC are from an (officially) unknown manufacturer, but rumors point to Garmin-Asus as the maker.

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