MSI's Z87 XPower Mobo Will Feature 32-Phase Power Design

Earlier, we already showed you MSI's teasers regarding the upcoming Z87 XPower motherboard; now, yet another image has been released. Assuming that this image corresponds to the same motherboard, which is highly probable, it appears that the X87 XPower motherboard from MSI will feature a massive 32-phase power design.

On MSI's UK Facebook page we found that the upcoming motherboard would be built using MSI's Military Class 4 components, which includes Black Solid State capacitors, Super Ferrite Chokes, and in this case a massive 32-phase VRM to power the Haswell chip that will rest in the LGA1150 socket.

Given that Haswell CPUs will have the 320 iVR built into them, and that the Z87 XPower will pack a 32-phase VRM, it appears that MSI is really aiming to break some overclocking world records with this motherboard. Although, this much was already clear from the teaser video MSI released earlier.

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