MSI Teases With G-Series Motherboards, GPUs & All-in-Ones.

With the release of its G-series motherboards, MSI will be joining manufacturers like Asus, ASRock and Gigabyte and enter the market of high-end motherboards. Though details are still scarce, we are fairly certain that they will feature Creative's Sound Blast Cinema audio and Killer's E2200 networking chips. In addition to the G-Series, MSI is also expected to showcase a variety of other motherboards at CeBIT including mini-ITX, FM2, B75 Business and Thunderbolt powered motherboards.

Despite the majority of its graphics cards already being gaming orientated, MSI has created a G-Series lineup of graphics cards which will match the colour scheme of the aforementioned G-series motherboards. We can also expect this range of graphics cards to have higher clock speeds than the reference models since we already see this in the company's popular Lightning cards.

By far the most interesting G-series product is the upcoming release of gaming All-in-one PCs which continues the company's recent push towards new form factors . The new AIO PCs are expected to come with a range of CPU options (upto an Ivy Bridge i7), a GTX670MX graphics card and a 27" anti-glare Full HD touch screen panel.

As this is simply a teaser, we fully expect more information to be revealed during CeBIT from the 5th to the 9th of March in Germany.


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  • Blarg44
    An MSI all in one could be really good. As long as the price is right and they use desktop graphics. They certainly make some pretty impressive laptops; so must be used to working in a confined space. Just hope it isnt another low power machine that wants to be the imac.