MSI Teases Z87 XPower Overclocking Motherboard

It appears that MSI is working on a flagship overclocking motherboard based on the Z87 chipset. So far, little is known about it, except that it might have a big glowing X on it and many overclocking goodies.

MSI has teased the motherboard with a video, signalling at the intention of breaking world records.

It is unsurprising that MSI is going for a 'badass' overclocking motherboard, as previously Intel already hinted at the fact that Haswell CPUs will be easier to overclock. The teasers that MSI is showing off do support these claims, to an extent. MSI has also posted a teaser of one of its motherboards on its UK Facebook page, one showing off a number of physical buttons on a motherboard that could serve no other purpose than overclocking.

A second image from its UK Facebook page shows the intent of making a cleaner PCB look. In the background of this image, we can also see an mSATA slot between two PCIe x16 slots, as well as a yellow line on the top-most VRM heatsink.

So far, this is all we know about the motherboards. Only time will tell how much of it becomes reality.

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