Woman fakes stolen car report, car is equipped with LoJack tracker

Oceanside (CA) – This definitely goes in our “stupid criminals” file. An Oceanside woman hatched a plan to hide the 1999 GMC Yukon at a friend’s house and then claimed that it was stolen. But there was a big problem because the car had a LoJack tracking system… oops !

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the woman was behind on her car payments and probably figured that she could get a nice insurance check if she reported the vehicle stolen. She stored the car in the backyard of her friend’s house and then filed both a police report and an insurance claim.

Deputies activated the LoJack system and quickly found the vehicle at the house. The resident told them that she was merely storing the vehicle and had no clue that it was “stolen”.

Now the fake “victim” is facing several charges including filing a false stolen vehicle report and false reporting of a crime.

Read the full story here … San Diego Union Tribune.

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