Swiftech Announces H220: Semi-Custom Liquid Cooling

Swiftech's H220 all-in-one liquid CPU cooler is meant to bridge the gap between closed loop water cooling, such as Corsair's H100i or Thermaltake's Water 2.0, and custom water cooling loops. The H220 comes as a closed loop, maintenance free CPU cooler. However, the entire kit can be disassembled and expanded to create a hybrid custom loop.

There are a handful of features that really make Swiftech's H220 stand out. For starters, built into the CPU block users will find a powerful 6 watt pump. While this power would mean little in the stock configuration, it's meant to allow flexibility to expand the loop to support more radiators and cooling blocks without having to add another pump or replace the entire CPU block. Moreover, the pump is rated for a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of a respectable 60,000 hours.

Another feature that stands out are the pressure optimized, low RPM fans. They are able to run at a remarkably low speed of just 800 RPM. This, in combination with the powerful pump allows the H220 to run quietly. Moreover, the main radiator is made of a copper core rather than the cheaper aluminum core found on other products, which allows for even better heat transfer. The reservoir is also built onto the main radiator and can be user-refilled.

Swiftech has built the H220 CPU liquid cooling kit to be maintenance free during the entirety of its 3 year warranty period.

Availability is expected to be around the end of February, and the suggested retail price is $139.95.


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  • scook9
    I see this being much more popular with the enthusiast crowds than the Asetek and CoolIT solutions that are all over the market right now. This offers the flexibility that those lack as well as a pump that is not laughable.
  • WithoutWeakness
    This is definitely a product I've been looking forward to. Their demo at CES had this in its stock configuration beating both Thermaltake's Water 2.0 and Corsair's H100i by 2-5 degrees while running at its lowest fan and pump settings on 3770K's at 4.6GHz.

    To show the modularity, they added 2 more dual-fan radiators, upped the CPU to an overclocked 3930K, and added a pair of 7970's with waterblocks. The whole system stayed under 60C while playing benchmarks and games. It really is a powerful little pump and the flexibility to add more radiators and waterblocks to fit your needs is an amazing feature for AiO coolers.
  • A Bad Day
    Very interesting closed-loop design. I hope it can deal with any air bubbles that form from modifying the water cooler.