Report: Steam Coming to Linux 'Within Months'

After years of waiting, we wouldn't be surprised if Linux users had given up hope of seeing a Steam for Linux release any time soon. However, it seems Valve is indeed hard at work on Steam for Linux and, according to the latest rumors, it will be released 'within months.'

Word comes from Phoronix founder Michael Larabel. Larabel reports that the Steam client and Source Engine are being ported to Linux and will arrive in a matter of months. The founder of the Linux enthusiast site said he was privy to Valve's Linux efforts at a recent visit to the company's offices. Proof comes in the form of a photo that shows Left 4 Dead 2 running natively on Linux.


"No Wine library or anything else for "fake" support," Larabel writes. "This is on an Ubuntu 11.10 installation with the AMD Catalyst Linux driver."

So, what's the hold up? According Larabel, Valve has been working on Linux support for quite a while but a lack of structure meant things moved kind of slowly until Gabe Newell got involved with the project.

"In part, what has taken so long is that Valve's management structure is rather flat," he writes, later adding, "There has been developers working on the Linux support for sometime, but not until recently has Gabe Newell become personally involved with the Linux client work. In fact, his desk is currently in the current Valve Linux development camp!"

Linux support is expected in the coming months. For now, Valve is working hard on Linux support and Michael Larabel says Valve is looking to expand its current tea of Linux developers. They've apparently already taken on one person he recommended and they aren't finished hiring yet.

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  • tranzz
    May be a double post as comments acting weird but:

    Not too surprising as there has been a lot of chatter about a possible Valve Hardware package. The first job would be porting all the code to linux as they would never pay for windows lisencing on all those machines.
  • silver565
    One word: Woop!

    This will be good for Linux. Bringing games over will boost Linux's foot print too. Especially for kids building computers for games. Why get windows when games work on a free OS?

    I can see a celebration going on at Ubuntu headquarters for example
  • mi1ez
    All we need now is other devs to port their engines and a LOT of work by AMD and Nvidia on drivers.