Lego Finally Announces Minecraft-Themed Sets

It was only a matter of time before Lego jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon and provided a few sets for creative PC gamers. Rumors have been floating around in regards to a Lego Minecaft set for a while, but on Friday Lego made it official.

According to Lego, each set will feature four cubic modular vignettes that can be connected to recreate the blocky-but-addictive Minecraft environment in Lego bricks. One Minecraft block is represented as one 1x1 Lego plate with a tile on top. "Not a perfect cube, but the best approximation at the chosen scale," Lego said on Friday.

Lego Minecraft Micro World, debuting this summer, includes two of Minecraft's most iconic characters, Steve and a Creeper, represented as "Micro Mobs." The model presents a standard for building a Minecraft world that can be configured any way the builder wishes.

Lego said the new set was the first to receive 10,000 votes of support from users on the global Lego CUUSOO idea collection platform. It was developed in collaboration with four Lego fans including Chris Malloy, Michael Thomas, Kyle Tingey, and Bjarne Panduro Tveskov. They developed concepts alongside Lego designers and helped shape the product that's being offered up for pre-order today ($34.99, €34.99).

Upon seeing the physical model the first time, Mojang founder Markus "Notch" Persson exclaimed “Woohoo!” He and the studio said they will donate the 1-percent proceeds from Lego CUUSOO to charity. Coolness.

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