Google CEO Larry Page Wears Project Glass to London Event

In early April, Google revealed that it was working on augmented reality glasses and that the specs were being tested by members of the Project Glass team. A week later, it emerged that it wasn't just the Project Glass team that were testing the glasses. Google's Sergey Brin was spotted wearing them out in public, too. Brin was seen at a charity event in the Bay Area wearing a pair of the glasses and was photographed by multiple people.


Fast forward more than a month and Brin's partner and Google CEO Larry Page has also been seen rocking Project Glass. TechRadar reports that Page showed up at the Google Zeitgeist event in London wearing the glasses and was more than happy to talk about the project.

"It's still in a bit of an early stage but I'm really excited to be able to have one. And to have it working. … It doesn't yet show me all of your names, but I'm really glad that you're all here," Page is quoted as telling the audience. Page then used the camera on the glasses to take a picture of the attendees and shared the photo with his colleagues.

Check the video below to see the smartspecs in action:

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  • ibboard
    It doesn't yet show me all of your names, but I'm really glad that you're all here.

    I'm guessing that was meant to be a joke of "it looks cool, and it does overlays, but we're not doing super-mega-advanced stuff yet". What it sounds like to me is "One day, you'll be walking down the street and anyone wearing Google's Project Glass (and its successors) will have a floating name tag above you that was determined by face matching and other details, which will lead on to all sorts of information about you".

    That's just creepy.
  • contrasia
    I don't need a pair of glasses to tell me everyones Guilty. GUILTY! o_o
  • polkadotpaperbag
    That is really creepy. We already are ready tech-wise, but now what really matters is how to use them. We need to set the boarder line so that noone use this tech wrongly.