Professor Smashes PC Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen

It kind of goes without saying that liquid nitrogen is a lot of fun. Anytime you hear the terms 'liquid nitrogen' and 'computer' in the same sentence, it usually evokes thoughts of LN2 cooling. Why wouldn't it? Well, what if that computer was actually a laptop? What would you do with your liquid nitrogen then?

One University of Oklahoma professor used his bucket of liquid nitrogen to make a point about bringing laptops to class. Students say (via Engadget) he has a strict policy about bringing notebooks to lectures because he considers them a distraction.

To prove how serious he was about the whole thing, he dipped a laptop in liquid nitrogen, assuring the class that it won't harm the computer. The professor then hurled the machine at the floor, smashing it into what we can only assume was a million little pieces.

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  • kyzar
    And this is news because..?
  • swamprat
    kyzarAnd this is news because..?

    ..because it shows that in the US they call any Tom Dick or Harry a professor just because they teach or give lectures (correct if you're meaning to use the French for teacher I suppose) rather than having to be proper professors with a chair in something?
    (sorry just something that annoys me)
  • waxdart
    I've got a chair. I've got a few and some more in the shed. I'm a very professor?

    Pub o'clock soon!