LG Wristwatch Phone Launching Next Month

We weren’t so sure about this idea when we saw it at CES 2008. It was just a concept back then and we thought it was sort of lame. Sure, it would be all Dick Tracy and awesome but there’s a reason some of those gadgets don’t exist in real life--they’re so impractical. Then CES 2009 rolled around and Woo Paik from LG made a call live on stage (on speaker phone so we could all listen) and revealed that the phone/watch would be available in the second half of 2009.

We have to say, at second time around the idea was a lot more appealing. Voice recognition and a Bluetooth headset is on hand to make it easier to place calls/dial numbers/not talk into your wrist. There’s also a Text to Speech feature that reads your text messages back to you so you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes on that tiny screen. That said, there’s nothing to help with the composing of SMS messages, so you’re kind of screwed on that one.

LG today announced that the wristwatch phone will be available in Europe starting next month, with global availability to follow soon after. Nothing official on price but according to PCPro, rumors are putting it at £1,000 off-contract with Orange UK. No word regarding on-contract pricing.

Anybody actually waiting to buy one of these things or does it fall under the “cool but too expensive” category?

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  • massec
    not for a thousand pounds, maybe if they quartered the price. However I do think manufacters of products like this watch/phone, and the iphone should not make single deals with phone companies. It seems to me to drive the price up, for goodness sake everyone I know who has an iphone talks about how great it is but they pay the same amount they paid for it in the first place every four months.