Lucie Blackman Foundation launch Silent Sream safety device

The Lucie Blackman Trust Foundation has launched a device, which they hope will save the lives of young women and encourage them to stay safe.

21 year old Lucie Blackman was kidnapped, raped and murdered while she worked in a bar in Japan.

The “Silent Scream” is a keyring that sends a signal to the victim’s mobile phone at the touch of a button. The person’s phone then sends off emails and text messages to designated numbers and email addresses while satellite technology traces their location. Lucie’s family have launched the device in the hope of protecting other young women from the dangers of partying with strangers or travelling home alone, late at night.

The Luci Blackman trust Foundation launched the Silent Scream in time for the Christmas season as more people attend parties and meet strangers at this time of the year than any other. However, her family has stressed that they hope the device will not just be used during the holidays.

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