First cargo ship powered by a kite to set sail this afternoon

On the one hand we’re switching off the old analogue signals and moving forward with technology. On the other, we’re having kites steer boats. Funny little world we’re living in, innit ?

The world’s first commercial cargo flight, partially powered by kite is to set sail this evening, reports the BBC.

The huge kite measuring 1,722sq ft is another valiant effort to reduce carbon emissions in everyday life.

The computer-controlled kite is said to be able to account for 20 percent of the power needed to run the ship.

The MS Beluga SkySails (or as we like to call it, the SS Kite) will set sail on it’s maiden voyage this evening at four o’ clock from the Northern port of Bremerhaven to Guanta in Venezuela.

Read the full story on the BBC online.

We have a question. . .

What if it’s not windy ?

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