Kingston's DDR3 for GamingNotebooks

Kingston has announced new low-latency HyperX DDR3 memory modules for performance notebooks.

Appealing to the growing number of enthusiasts in the notebook market, Kingston has released new HyperX DDR3 notebook memory, which the company claims to be the first of its kind to offer ultra-low-latencies. With notebooks now shipping with external graphics cards and overtaking desktops in sales, it makes sense that there would be a growing market for gaming-grade notebook memory.

The new HyperX DDR3 SO-DIMM memory comes pre-programmed with memory timings of 5-5-5-15, yet the memory is still able to offer a speed of 1066 MHz. The pre-programmed tight timings should make for an easy way to boost memory performance, even when faced with a lack of memory tweaking options in the notebook’s BIOS. Kingston offers the new DDR3 memory in a 4 GB kit (2 x 2 GB), which also includes metal heat-spreaders. The metal heat-spreaders should help keep the memory running cool and stable, but with the memory requiring only 1.5 V being crammed into the tight spaces of a notebook, we can’t see any real benefits here.

The MSRP of the 4 GB kit is $228 and goes by the product number KHX8500S3ULK2/4G. As noted in the chart below, the MSRP of the new HyperX memory is a tad on the expensive side when compared to other 4 GB DDR3 SO-DIMM memory kits. Kingston also offers DDR2 HyperX notebook memory, which appear fairly competitive in price at e-retailers. Kingston’s HyperX memory comes with a lifetime warranty and 24/7 technical support.

DDR3 SO-DIMM BrandSpeedTimingsCapacityPrice
Kingstong HyperX 4 GB1066 MHz5-5-5-152 x 2 GB$228 MSRP
Mushkin 4 GB1066 MHz7-7-7-202 x 2 GB$119.99*
Mushkin 2 GB1066 MHz7-7-7-202 x 1 GB$76.99*
G.Skill 4 GB1333 MHz9-9-9-242 x 2 GB$119.99*

*Prices according to on December 4, 2008. All voltages rated at 1.5 V.

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