Report: Kindle Fire Hitting the UK in January

We already know that the Kindle Fire has turned into a runaway success for Amazon. Sadly, we only know this from reports based on U.S. sales, because the device is not yet available in the United Kingdom. Last we heard, Amazon did have plans to bring the Fire to the UK, it just didn't know (or at least wouldn't say) when that might be. Well, today we bring you good news! It looks like the Fire will be here to help us kick-start 2012.

Know Your Mobile is citing an unnamed source in reporting that while the device may not be available in time for Christmas, we'll certainly be able to to get our hands on it later on in the winter. According to this person, the Kindle Fire will arrive on UK shelves at some point next month. This person wasn't able to elaborate on the vague 'January 2012' date, but let's hope it's earlier rather than later and that it brings a nice competitive price tag with it, shall we?

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