Japan Proposes 'iPod Tax'

Tokyo (Japan) - The Japanese government has proposed a new tax on iPods and other digital music players. The so-called Copyright Tax would add approximately $1 per device and the estimated $9.5 million annual proceeds would be distributed to recording companies and artists. In Japan, Minidisk and DVD players are also subject to a Copyright tax and it seems the law makers are just trying to level the playing field.

A similar proposal was floated in Japan in December 2005, but was quickly shot down.

Read more ... International Herald Tribune.

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  • waxdart
    It assumes that these devices are knowingly made for criminal intent.
    Once you've paid said tax are you now allowed to copy things at will?
    You've paid your tax due.

    I can smash someone over the head with a toaster. Not the same as copyright infringement I grant you; but it’s illegal none the less.
    I don’t see a medical health tax added to the receipt. Maybe there should be a dollar added to my toaster - Its a fair price to pay to hit some colleagues.