Japanese Galaxy S III to Pack 2GB of RAM, Dual-core CPU

Dual-core processors in smartphones are almost the norm these days and quad-core CPUs are fast becoming common, too. Similarly, manufacturers are also stepping up the amount of RAM they're packing into their smartphones. The newly announced Galaxy S III boasts a whopping 1GB of RAM. However, the Japanese version of the Galaxy S III is going to have even more.

Word on the street is that the Japanese version of the Galaxy S III, which is set to launch on Japan's NTT DoMoCo network this summer, will actually have double the RAM. Though we haven't been given a reason for this massive bump in RAM for Japan, it's likely that Samsung jacked things up after LG announced the LTE2, which also boasts 2GB of RAM. The LTE2 was unveiled on the same day as the Galaxy S III, so it's possible Samsung wants to match HTC in the Japanese market.

Having 2GB of RAM isn't the only different between the GSIII launching in Europe at the end of this month, either. The Japanese model will also sub in a Qualcomm S4 dual-core CPU instead of Sammy's own Exynos processor. The United States is also expected to get a dual-core flavour of the Galaxy S III, a result of quad-core chips not being compatible with American LTE networks.

Which would you prefer, dual-core with 2GB of RAM, or quad-core with 1GB of RAM? It's a tough one!

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  • Robi_g
    Dual core with 2GB RAM, phones don't really need to multi-task and what if you moved to America :P
  • hairystuff
    What has the amount of cores got to do with the radio hardware on the phone
  • das_stig
    1.5GHz Dual Core + 2GB Memory + 16GB Memory Card, more than enough for current needs, battery life is the most important now item now.