Intel's Ivy Bridge-E set for Q3 2013, Shows Leaked Slide

The newest client platform road-map leaked by VR Zone Chinese shows that the next-generation high-end desktop (HEDT) platform will be released in Q3 2013. In addition, the Ivy Bride-E looks to follow the release of Intel's Core "Haswell" processors based on the LGA 1150 socket in Q2 2013. The Ivy Bridge-E will be built on the same 22 nm process as the current Ivy Bridge and will utilize the LGA 2011 socket. Though not all details are known, the Ivy Bridge-E should feature more processing cores, memory channels, cache, and be a PCIe 3.0 certified system. 

What remains to be seen is if Intel will launch a new chipset, along with the release of the Ivy Bride-E processors. If history repeats itself, expect Intel to release a new chipset with Ivy Bridge-E to replace the X79 chipset. As with the current Ivy Bridge, Intel released a new chipset with the transfer to the Ivy Bridge processor, though it made certain current LGA 1155 chipsets were compatible. With current X79 chipsets not fully certified for PCIe 3.0, we look for the new chipset to be fully PCIe 3.0 certified, along with other features being implemented with the Lynx Point Chipset on the "Haswell" platform.  

In other news, the slide does look to confirm what we reported in July about the up coming release of the Intel Core i7-3970X in Q4 2012 just-in-time for the holidays.

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  • Thunderfox
    So will IB-E still have a borked IHS?
  • A Bad Day
    ThunderfoxSo will IB-E still have a borked IHS?

    I'm going to laugh if they pair cheap thermal paste with a $999 processor.
  • The Greater Good
    based on the LGA 1150

    Another frigging socket? Ugh. 1156... no no... 1155... NO!! I got it this time! 1150!