Briton sneaks onto Iron Man set and does scene with Gwenyth Paltrow

Today the Times reports the story of a British tourist who managed to use his heritage to blag his way onto the set of Iron Man. Once safely inside Carl Kelly was then called to do a scene with Gwenyth Paltrow.

The 29 year old Briton was holidaying in the Las Vegas last year. Mr Kelly booked the holiday with the intention of watching the world title fight between Ricky Hatton’s and Jose Luis Castillo.

As his trip was drawing to a close Carl decided it might be fun to try and sneak onto the set for the latest Hollywood superhero flick, Iron Man and he needn’t bother about his scene being left on the cutting room floor ; Carl’s presence in the background of the movie poster should be proof enough for any of his friends.

The man approached security officials outside the set and claimed to be an extra who’d left his pass inside. Security believed him, apparently “because he was British”. Once inside he took a seat with all the other extras.

After a seven hour wait Kelly was called to set to do a scene in with Gwenyth Paltrow. 38 takes later, Carl blamed his bad acting ability for how long it took to get the scene right.

“Some 38 takes later, I think they were getting pretty fed up with me - but that’s what happens when you let an untrained nobody into your film.”

The Knebworth man did have to fork out for another flight as his hectic filming schedule meant he didn’t make it to the airport on time for the one he was booked onto but who knows, maybe his British accent means he’ll be the next Jude Law or Hugh Grant because it turns out you really don’t need much else.

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